Prefabricated polyethylene MANHOLE

Prefabricated polyethylene MANHOLE

Polyethylene manholes are vertical shafts to access the networks of water, wastewater also access to electricity and telecommunication transferring lines from surface of the ground.
Some of important reasons to use polyethylene manholes are ease of inspection, repairing projects and wastewater network clean-up and pipelines.


polyethylene pipes CORRUGATED

Polyethylene double wall corrugated pipes, are pipes in shape including two layers  Generally, Polyethylene double wall corrugated pipes are used for management of gravity waters like wastewater, underground drainage and collecting rain water and also is used in electricity and telecommunication underground transferring lines.

polyethylene pipes PROFILED

Polyethylene profiled pipes, are pipes that are produced in extrusion process. These pipes can be produced whether in one layer or multi layers with different profile structures. Polyethylene profiled pipes’ profiles are made of polypropylene coated with polyethylene.

Single layer PE PIPE​

Single layer polyethylene pipes, are pipes which are produced in an extrusion process for gas and water supply applications. Saadat Tawan Baspar Company produces single layer polyethylene pipes in a wide range of SDR.

Polyethylene water STORAGE TANKS

Rotational molding process is one of the forming processes for plastics as hollow. The first polymer used in this industry (like many other plastic material forming technologies) was polyvinyl chloride.

In the late 1950, with production of polyethylene powder and using it as liquid resins and manufacture of hot air circulation ovens, created a revolution in this industry.

MASTERBATCH & polymeric compounds

Polymeric masterbatches are granule additives which are used to color or transfer other properties to the polymer.
Polymeric compounds (blends) are homogenous compounds of polymers and different additives. Polymeric compounds have an effective role in the polymer industry.


Saadat Tawan Sadegh Engineering Company has started its activity in 2004 in the field of design and construction of dam, concrete water storage, pipelines implementation, collect and transmission urban wastewater, mass housing and roads and highways construction.

Saadat accredited LABORATORIES

Relying on principles of teamwork synergy, integration of policies and coded plans, in order to improve quality level of Saadat Holding polymer products and with participation of Companies: Bah Ab Shokouh Khazra, Pars Rangdaneh Khazra Iranian and Saadat Tawan Baspar, this group have started its activity with the slogan “Saadat, a new research for quality Improvement”.